††††††††† David Eimerl, Ph.D.,Laser Injury Consultant

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Dr Eimerl is a professional laser physicist, with special experience in the effect of lasers on human tissue. He obtained his degree in theoretical physics in 1973 from Oxford University,UK. ††In 1976 he joined the laser program at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where he gained experience working in all types of lasers and laser systems. By the early 1990ís he had become their chief scientist and a program manager. He then joined a team looking at ways to use the laser resources of the National Laboratories to benefit US-based businesses, and focused his activities on applications of lasers in medicine, wafer-processing and the Department of Defense. During this time, he gained experience in both laser medicine and the use of lasers on the battlefield, especially the effect of laser light on human tissue.


With colleagues at Harvard U. and Reliant Lasers, he participated in the development of the fractional laser treatment methodology now in common use in laser skin therapy. He developed physics and chemistry models for the effect of focused light on human skin, and developed laser designs for the Fraxel laser system that was the first medical laser system to implement this modality.

In the commercial sector, Dr Eimerl has served as a Director for Laser Development and as a laser safety officer. He is very familiar with the ANSI Z136 safety standards developed by the Laser Institute of America. He now runs his own business providing services in scientific modeling and laser design.With his extensive experience in medical applications of lasers, medical laser systems, and in the law courts, he has served as an expert witness in many patent cases and laser injury cases. He has provided accurate and reliable testimony at deposition and on the stand in a number of laser injury and other laser-medicine-related cases.