David Eimerl, Ph.D.,  Laser Injury Consultant

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Partial List of Cases with Testimonials:




(1)    Disfiguring injury to a patient’s eye when protective goggles were not used.


“Dr Eimerl’s expertise in laser safety standards was instrumental in establishing how this injury occurred, and so obtaining justice for our client”


(2)    Surgical fire from a laser-induced spark along with highly enriched oxygen levels in the anesthetic. The patient suffered debilitating injuries requiring life-time care.


“Dr Eimerl’s expertise and testimony helped us enormously to develop the materials to obtain justice for our client. We recommend him wholeheartedly as a knowledgable and experienced expert witness in laser injury matters, who is also easy to work with.”


(3)   Extensive thermal burn injury to a patient’s nasal cavity during an operation using a laser to open pathways for fluid transport


“Dr Eimerl thoroughly researched the medical procedure carried out by the physician and so established that the laser was used inappropriately”


(4)  Lawsuit claiming a defective laser was responsible for burns to the patients skin.


“Dr Eimerl showed convincingly that the laser was not the cause of the injuries suffered by the plaintiff”.  


(5)    Patent infringement lawsuit involving a fraudulently filed patent on the effectiveness of a certain laser therapy.


“Dr Eimerl’s testimony established the vacuity of the asserted patent and was crucial to our obtaining justice for our client”